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Thanks for stopping by!  We’re Josh, Liz and Hana. 

Having lived all over the world (literally) we LOVE being able to call Florida home. Everyday we can’t believe we get to live in paradise!

We created That Florida Life as a way to bring happiness to others by helping them live the Florida lifestyle they’ve been dreaming about. Whether they are looking to move to Florida or already live here. 

Because we know that at the end of the day, when someone is looking for a home…it’s not just about the home. It’s really about the lifestyle!

So across this website you’ll find all things real estate, PLUS an INCREDIBLE amount of information on fun things to do, relocation guides and so much more to help you along on your journey to living your dream.

Fun – Lifestyle – Real Estate

Meet Our Florida Dream Team yellow sun rays

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Co-Founder & CEO, Travel & Lifestyle Expert
"Life is only as good as the memories we make."


Co-Founder & COO, Realtor & Relocation Expert
"Treat others how you want to be treated."
Meet Hana


The Pooch Perspective
"Hi I'm...oh squirrel!"
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Awesome Team Member, Realtor
"Let me know how I can help you live your dream."

Want the Full Backstory? white sun rays

Liz and Josh at Disneyland

All Roads Lead to Florida

Liz (an Idaho native) moved to Orlando after college. She lived there for a number of years working in the tourism industry, including being an operations trainer at Disney. After a few years, a marketing job opportunity moved her to Atlanta, where she ultimately met Josh.

Josh is a Georgia-native who grew up southwest of Atlanta. While attending college in Asheville, North Carolina he got into real estate – even working with the 10th anniversary HGTV Dream Home before moving to Knoxville, Tennessee. Eventually, his journey took him back down to Atlanta.

The two of us actually met while living in Atlanta and hit it off immediately with our shared love of travel and adventure. In fact, we traveled so much domestically and internationally that we decided to start a travel blog some 12+ years ago, called Peanuts or Pretzels (which still runs today). 

Josh proposed to Liz at midnight in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disney World in Orlando. And our wedding was a 4-day destination-wedding extravaganza down in Key West, Florida.

(seems things always lead back to Florida…)

Newlyweds Go Nomadic!

Shortly after getting married in 2012 we decided to go “all-in” on our travel blog business. So we quit our corporate jobs and sold everything we owned to backpack around the world!

From Hawaii to Thailand, New Zealand, China and beyond. We ended up traveling overseas for 3 years living and working in other countries. Our “blog” turned into a media company with multiple websites as well as an international marketing consulting business.

All while traveling & making lifelong friends from all over the world. 

After 3 years we returned to the states and settled in Denver, Colorado where we had some close friends and we adopted Hana, our Labrador. But our schedule was hectic and we had to make frequent business trips to Asia.  So to unwind and do some leisurely travel between business trips we bought an RV to explore the beautiful wilderness! 

We took trips to the Grand Canyon, Zion, and even did the entire California coast from the Redwoods down to San Diego in the RV. After a while we realized we were hardly ever home between business trips and RV trips. Plus, we could work on the road with internet. 

So eventually, we ditched the house and decided to travel and work in the RV full-time!

After quite some time of living, working and traveling all around the US in the RV, we found ourselves spending an entire winter back in Florida (as many RVer’s do). 

Josh and Liz at entrance to Mount Everest
Us with the RV at the Grand Tetons rotated


Back to Florida!

We took our time to explore every part of Florida while traveling in the RV – especially new places we had never visited. Spending weeks and even longer in some areas, we began to feel like Florida might just be our forever home after all.

After doing some Florida real estate research, we stumbled upon the quaint beach town of Venice, Florida just south of Sarasota on the Gulf Coast. We came to visit Venice, fell in love with the town and saw they had an amazing dog beach for Hana.


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Ever since, we’ve been living #ThatFloridaLife and loving every minute of it.

Travel & Lifestyle + Real Estate

We’ve loved it so much that we wanted to be able to help others live the Florida lifestyle of their dreams too. No matter if they already live in Florida or are dreaming of moving here in the future.

So we decided to combine our expertise in digital marketing and media with travel & lifestyle to create That Florida Life. And Josh returned to his real estate roots by becoming a licensed Florida Real Estate Agent so we could help others find their paradise through our website.

We hope this website helps you to discover all that there is to love about Florida and living here.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, are looking for advice, or interested in Florida real estate.

We’re happy to help 🙂

– Josh, Liz, and Hana

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