Gasparilla Island Unveiled: Everything You Need To Plan Your Perfect Coastal Retreat

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Last Updated February 19, 2024

Whether you are visiting Florida on a vacation or if you are lucky enough to live in Florida’s paradise year-round, sometimes the bustling nightlife of Miami or the intensity of Orlando don’t align with your idea of a perfect getaway. That’s where the tranquility and charm of the Sunshine State’s  abundant coastal islands come in. Florida’s allure reaches new heights on Gasparilla Island, a sanctuary for those seeking relaxation, pristine beaches, and a touch of enchantment. 

Whether you’re envisioning a family vacation, a romantic escape, a weekend with friends or even a fun day-trip, Gasparilla Island beckons with its soft sands, crystal-clear waters, and a wealth of activities, from leisurely strolls to underwater adventures. Here, relaxation meets adventure, and every moment feels like a cherished memory waiting to be made.

Here’s everything you need to plan the perfect visit to Gasparilla Island.

Where is Gasparilla Island?

Just a brief drive south of Englewood, Florida, near the quaint town of Placida, you’ll find Gasparilla Island, located on the Cape Haze peninsula, which protrudes into Charlotte Harbor. It extends south into Boca Grande Pass and provides stunning views overlooking the Gulf Coast and neighboring barrier islands. 

sidewalk and railing along boca grande causeway, with crystaline waters and a clear blue sky

How to Get to Gasparilla Island?

Gasparilla Island is about halfway between major landmarks like Sarasota and Fort Myers, making it easy to arrive at either airport. 

Then you can drive across the scenic Boca Grande Causeway onto Gasparilla Island, accessible from Placida (note there is a fee to cross this causeway). There’s plenty of parking available here around the island.

Boca Grande town and the main Gasparilla Island is where most of the fun and activities are located, including shops, restaurants, state parks, golf courses and hotels. 

However, if you’re looking for a true relaxed island vibe, then you may opt to book a vacation rental on Little Gasparilla Island. This secluded haven is famous due to the fact that that you can only access it by boat and once on the island, you can get around by golf cart or bicycle during your stay. There are no commercial facilities on Little Gasparilla Island – just a few private homes and quiet, practically private beaches! 

To get to Little Gasparilla, drive to Eldred’s Marina to catch a water taxi, ferry, or private boat to your destination. The marina offers parking for just $6 per day, but bear in mind that they only accept cash or checks. 

To reserve the water taxi, you must book a space ahead of time, as it only carries six people at a time. However, it does run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week, 365 days a year. Be sure to bring groceries, as there aren’t any on Little Gasparilla Island!

History of Gasparilla Island

Initially inhabited by the indigenous Calusa tribe, Gasparilla Island has a rich history from Spanish explorers to the era of the infamous pirate José Gaspar. Local folklore and legend has it that the island’s name originated from the mythical Spanish pirate José Gaspar, affectionately called Gasparilla, who is said to have terrorized the waters during the late 1700s and early 1800s. 

Later, Gasparilla Island and Boca Grande were critical locations for the fresh seafood industry until the early 1900s.  

Today, it is primarily an island of leisure and scenic vacation spots. However, remnants of its past can still be found in the historic architecture and tales of pirates that echo through the charming streets. 

Best Time to Visit Gasparilla Island

Gasparilla Island’s weather is warm, sunny, and inviting all year round, as is typical of Florida. However, winter offers slightly cooler temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor activities and exploration. 

Hurricane season on the Gulf Coast runs from early June until October. If you’re not accustomed to tropical storms, it’s best to just watch the weather forecast and leave the area if a storm is approaching. Although, you can find good prices during this season!

Winter is the busiest tourist season in the Sunshine State, as many travelers flock here in search of a reprieve from the cold. Despite the high temperatures, summer is still popular here since it’s less crowded and slightly more relaxed. Choose the best time to visit Gasparilla Island based on your personal preference. 

paved path lined with palm trees under a clear blue sky on gasparilla island. A great and fun thing to do near port charlotte florida

Gasparilla Island: Things to Do

As an area renowned for its peace and tranquility, this paradise offers the perfect opportunity to laze around on the beach and soak up the atmosphere. While it’s a haven for serenity on Gasparilla Island, things to do are plentiful. 

Stroll through the quaint downtown, explore the pristine beaches, or tee off at the island’s golf course. Consider renting a boat to explore the waters or indulging in beachside relaxation. 

There’s excellent snorkeling, kayaking, private charter cruises, and the chance to travel outwards to neighboring attractions such as Cayo Costa State Park. This park has limited access currently due to damage sustained by Hurricane Ian. However, the idyllic stretch of untouched shoreline, fragrant pine forests, and hiking trails regularly rank among the highlights for travelers, so be sure to check out the opening status before your trip! 

Various festivals and events are hosted on the island throughout the year. From art and film festivals to seafood extravaganzas and world tarpon tournaments, you can immerse yourself in the island’s lively community celebrations. 

white stone archway with a black wooden door, leading in to a home in boca grande, gasparilla island

Things to Do in Boca Grande

Boca Grande is a hub for activities, earning its spot as a must-visit destination. If you’re spending time on Gasparilla Island, explore the charming palm-lined village of Boca Grande. There are numerous things to do in Boca Grande for every type of holidaymaker. 

Stroll through downtown Boca Grande to admire the elegant Mediterranean Revival and charming Key West-style residences on your way to delightful boutiques, alfresco restaurants, and art galleries. 

Be sure to stop at the historic lighthouse, now repurposed as a museum showcasing exhibits on the island’s rich heritage. Kids and families will love the interactive “please touch” section, where you can explore fossils and shells from the area. 

Take in the scenery on the Boca Grande bike trail, which you can use as inspiration in one of the many art and sculpture classes held in the Boca Grande Art Center, or to create stunning needlepoint art at Grande Stitches. 

The Boca Grande Farm and Fish Market is open every Friday morning from November to April. Held at the Boca Ball Field off Wheeler Road, it’s a sensory explosion offering artisan foods, seafood, flowers, gifts, and more. It’s also a staple of island life, so if you love community spirit and camaraderie, it’s worth checking out. 

Speaking of seafood, fishing enthusiasts worldwide make their way to Boca Grande Pass because it’s recognized globally as one of the premier spots for tarpon fishing. You can easily rent a fishing charter boat for both tarpon and species-specific fishing, as well as guides for surf fishing and kayak fishing! 

Golf club at Gasparilla Inn, Florida.

Gasparilla Inn and Club

A landmark of luxury and history, the Gasparilla Inn and Club is a must-visit destination on the island. Steeped in tradition and elegance, this historic Inn offers a refined escape with top-notch amenities, including fine dining, golf, tennis, pool, fitness center, spa experiences, and many other activities.

The Inn is open seasonally from October to July every year, and guests can choose to stay in the main inn building or one of the self-contained cottages or beachfront cottages.

You’ll find inviting dining rooms with traditional menus and a dress code that nods to old Florida charm, casual restaurant dining at the Pink Elephant, and poolside beverages from the Beach Club.  

A further attraction to the iconic Gasparilla Inn and Club is the renowned golf club. The par 72, 6,837-yard course features five tees on each hole to suit all levels of play. It boasts extensive practice facilities, including a full driving range and chipping and putting greens.

Gasparilla Island State Park

Nature enthusiasts can head to Gasparilla Island State Park – a haven for outdoor lovers. Delve into the park’s diverse ecosystems, with captivating bird-watching opportunities and encounters with sea turtles, dolphins, and manatees.  

The beaches are abundant with native plants and animals. Conservation measures in place to safeguard their habitats include interpretative signage, designated walkways, and marked wildlife-only areas. 

The park’s crown jewels are the historic Gasparilla Island Lighthouse and the Boca Grande Range Light, standing tall as iconic landmarks. Visitors can climb to the top for breathtaking panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico. 

The four primary public beach entry points on Gasparilla Island are part of the Gasparilla Island State Park, each requiring an entry fee. These access points include:

  • Sandspur Beach (equipped with quality restrooms and picnic shelters)
  • Seagrape Beach (features a simple but well-maintained port-o-potty)
  • Seawall Beach (offers a port-o-potty and is conveniently located adjacent to South Beach Grille)
  • Lighthouse Park on Boca Pass (provides excellent restroom facilities and a basic picnic shelter).

While the beach waters on Gasparilla Island get deeper more rapidly than those of destinations like Siesta Key or St. Pete Beach, they are still perfectly safe for swimming. The only exception is the beach area around Lighthouse Park, where powerful currents pose potential risks.

With its well-maintained facilities, picnic areas, and opportunities for fishing and shelling along the unspoiled beaches, Gasparilla Island State Park invites you to immerse in the natural beauty and rich history that defines this coastal gem.

lighthouse on gasparilla island.

Restaurants on Gasparilla Island

Gasparilla Island boasts a delicious array of dining options, each offering a unique culinary experience reflective of the island’s coastal charm. 

The Main Dining Room at The Gasparilla Inn & Club stands as an institution, treating guests to a four-course menu amidst an airy setting exuding old Florida vibes. 

For a more casual experience, The Pink Elephant, its sibling eatery, entices with options like tuna tartare and grilled grouper, complemented by a glorious Key lime pie for those with a sweet tooth. 

The Outlet Restaurant, renowned for its classic dishes and waterfront patio seating, comes highly recommended by satisfied patrons. 

While the Inn’s eateries have some tempting options, you can venture slightly further afield to find even more delicious restaurants on Gasparilla Island. Bella Vida Boca Grande serves delicious, nutritious acai bowls and vegetable-loaded sandwiches. For a taste of Mexican flavors, Tortuga Mexican Street Cuisine is ideal for breakfast or lunch, and it’s convenient takeout option makes it perfect for a beach picnic. Eagle Grille is known for its upscale atmosphere and diverse menu, featuring seafood and steak options. Lastly, The Pink Pony, a family-run ice cream parlor, serves up homemade shark bite sundaes, creating a nostalgic treat for visitors of all ages. 

Whether you indulge in fresh seafood by the waterfront or savor upscale dishes in a relaxed atmosphere, the variety of restaurants on Gasparilla Island promises a delightful journey for every palate.

two large white beach front homes on gasparilla island, fronted by sandy beach and palm trees.

Hotels on Gasparilla Island

Whether you are looking for luxury accommodations or cozy inns, Gasparilla Island offers a range of lodging options. Experience genuine hospitality at hotels on the beach, which offer breathtaking views and easy access to the island’s attractions.

Most of the accommodation options and hotels on Gasparilla Island are centered in Boca Grande, with a few private rental homes stretched along the island’s coastline. 

Since its opening in 1913, The Gasparilla Island Inn & Club has been a favorite among snowbirds, drawing them in with its timeless charm and allure.

If you prefer the comforts of home, consider securing a vacation condo through Boca Grande Club Rentals with multiple bedrooms, ocean views, and a communal pool.

Boca Grande Hotel is a mid-range option with comfortable rooms in various sizes. While it is located some 3 miles from a beach access point, bicycle rentals are nearby to get you to the beach. You can also enjoy on-site pool access. 

Located just a short distance from the iconic lighthouse, The Anchor Inn offers simple yet romantic accommodation at budget prices. 

What’s On Little Gasparilla Island?

Little Gasparilla Island is a secluded paradise accessible only by a 10-minute ferry or boat ride from the mainland. There are no cars, and therefore no roads, on this island. While you can hire bicycles to get around, it is mostly accessible by foot. At its widest part, the island is only about 1/4 mile wide, so it is an effortless walk from the dock to your home or the beach.

It’s worth noting that Little Gasparilla Island has no stores. The only commercial establishments are a golf cart rental shop and a small gift shop near the island’s northern tip. Visitors must bring all groceries on the water taxi or use a local grocery delivery service.

With only a few secluded homes and vacation rentals, Little Gasparilla Island is a destination escape from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. 

Josh walking along the shore line of Gasparilla Island with our dog Hanna.

Gasparilla Island FAQs

Are Dogs Allowed on Gasparilla Island Beaches?

Yes, furry friends are welcome on Gasparilla Island beaches! Keep your dogs on a leash, especially in the main beach area near Boca Grande town, and enjoy a day of sun, sand, and sea with your loyal companions.

Can I Visit Gasparilla Island on a Budget?

Yes! The toll fee is a mere $6, making a day trip budget-friendly. If you’re hoping to stay longer, there is plenty of affordable accommodation, and there’s a convenient Publix grocery store nearby in the town of Placida, where you can buy your food supplies. 

Do I need a license to fish on Gasparilla Island? 

If you are a Florida resident, you do not need a license. You might require a Florida state fishing license if you are from out of state. You can check the Florida Fish and Wildlife website for the latest rules and regulations at

Are You Ready to Visit Gasparilla Island?

Gasparilla Island is a captivating destination that blends history, nature, and leisure. Whether planning a visit or contemplating making this paradise your home, Gasparilla Island has something for everyone.

If you dream of owning a piece of this coastal haven, contact us now to explore Gasparilla Island homes for sale. Embark on an unforgettable journey to Gasparilla Island, where every moment is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

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