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Loving Living in Florida

The Florida lifestyle is one of sunny warm days, often times in or around the water.

You may have a beautiful pool in your own backyard, in your neighborhood, or a beach down the street!

Big cities offer cultural amenities such as museums, the arts, and performances. You’ll also find diverse cuisine and high-end culinary experiences and all the shopping you can handle. 

Outside the cities, you’ll find quaint towns and even some rural areas that just don’t feel like Florida! You may stumble upon rolling hills of vineyards, and seemingly endless green fields full of horses. 

You might even attend a weekend polo match!

In your free time you could explore a historic old fort or settlement, then take a kayak ride through a clear blue spring while watching the manatees.

Or perhaps you prefer to enjoy live music and enjoy a drink at the tiki bar.

Theme parks and popular tourist areas offer unlimited options for fun and entertainment. Or you could opt for a quiet evening just watching the sunset while sitting on a chair and digging your toes in the sand. 

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