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Last Updated April 15, 2022

So why is it that so many people want to move to Florida? Well, we’ve compiled a list of things that we hear all the time from people we know, new residents, neighbors, clients, social media, and those who reach out to us for help. So from everything we hear, these are some of the top reasons to move to Florida from people who are moving or have recently moved!


This is probably the number one reason we hear all the time. Everyone wants to be able to enjoy sunshine and warm weather year-round. Many of them from the north are specifically looking to escape the bitter cold and snow. They want to trade in snow for sand and don’t want to be stuck in the house for months out of the year. They want to be able to enjoy being outside any time of the year.

And we don’t blame them!


Besides the weather, one of the other very top reasons to move to Florida that we hear is the beaches. Florida is basically surrounded by beaches! So even if you don’t live in a beach town in Florida, chances are you are not very far from the beach if you wanted to take a quick day trip. And because the weather is so nice, you can enjoy a relaxing beach trip almost anytime you want.


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The Abundance of Water Activities

Similar to the beach, many people coming down to Florida really enjoy water activities. Josh recently helped a couple from New York buy a home in Venice and they were specifically looking for a house that they could park their boat. And they were very much interested in learn about all the areas they could go boating around town (which there are a lot because living in Venice is great for the boating lifestyle).

From a relaxing pontoon boat ride, to a speed boat, sailboats, jet skis, canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and so on. There’s just so many thing to do on the water in Florida!

Tax Favorable State

Florida has always been a state that specifically enacted tax policies to entice people to move here. The most popular that you will hear people talk about is the fact that Florida has no state income tax. This is offset somewhat by the tourism industry and how much money and tax dollars are collected from visitors to the State. There is a reason Florida is considered a tax-haven for the wealthy.

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Multi-Cultural / Diversity

Florida is an absolute melting pot of cultures over the years. There are historic Spanish areas, such as St. Augustine, that are rich in history and cultural heritage. And there is the heavy influence of Latino and Afro-Latino cultures from places such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and so much more. There is not only international influence but people from all over the United States who move to Florida. From California, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Maine and everywhere in between. So cities and towns in Florida are full of people from all walks of life and experiences, and visitors and locals alike enjoy the variety of food, art, music, etc. from this diversity.

Friendly People From Everywhere!

To piggy-back from above, there are people from all over the country (and other countries) who call Florida home. While every city is a little different (and there are certainly some bad apples out there), we have found for the most part people around Florida to be warm and friendly. We’ve met some of the most wonderful and friendly people in towns all across Florida. It seems the sun and fun helps keep people happy and helpful.

Residents Receive Discounts to Many Attractions

If you enjoy vacationing in Florida and experiencing many of the attractions such as the theme parks, then you’ll be happy to know that Florida residents enjoy some really fantastic discounts to these establishments. There are constant offers to Florida residents at all times of the year for special rates and package deals. Whether you want to visit Disney, spend a weekend at a luxury golf resort and spa, or go on a last-minute cruise to the Bahamas. Florida residents can get these things for GREAT prices!

welcome sign at the entrance to disney world in orlando florida with mickey mouse

Always Something to Do!

There is just SO much to do in Florida. Some people make the mistake of just thinking in terms of Disney tourism and such, but looking more closely it’s almost overwhelming how much there is to do here in Florida. Whether you enjoy being outside in nature going hiking, golfing, biking, kayaking, playing pickle-ball, boating and fishing or if you enjoy doing things inside. You can find many theaters, performing arts centers, museums, art classes, live music, spas, and more.

It’s almost as if you would have to TRY to be bored in Florida. I just don’t see how you can with so much to do all the time!

Affordable Places to Live (Yes, for Real)

A lot of people who are just learning about Florida think it’s all ritzy and expensive. While there are certainly places such as Palm Beach that are quiet expensive, some are surprised to learn that there are actually quite a lot affordable places to live in Florida. In general, the cost of living in Florida is only slightly higher than the rest of the country. But that’s an average across the state. Certainly high-cost areas such as Miami will skew those numbers a bit.

Some of the major cities are even considered affordable, such as Tampa or Orlando, but if you venture out just a little further from those towns you can find some amazing places that are incredibly affordable to live and are just a short drive from the city and all the fun.

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Affordable Housing Options

Speaking of affordable places to live, a big factor in affordability is housing costs. Again, a lot of people think of those big beach mansions when thinking of Florida. But most of Florida is not like that. There are plenty of areas in Florida where you can find homes for barely $200,000 or even less which are quite nice and offer a fantastic quality of life. For example, North Port Florida (just east of Venice) is actually one of the hottest places to move in Florida. You can get a great, brand new home here for around $200,000 or even less! And you are only 15-20 minutes from some of the best beaches in the State!

New construction home in Boca Royale neighborhood in Englewood just south of Venice florida

A Great State to Retire

Most people already know that Florida is popular with “snowbirds” and retirees. And it makes total sense! Who wouldn’t want to spend their retirement in the warm weather and just hanging out at the local tiki bar with friends watching the sunset over the water and spotting dolphins out in the ocean?!? Seems like paradise to me! Combine that with the affordability and it’s no wonder retirees flock to Florida. In fact, US News recently named Sarasota as the top place to retire in the whole country!

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Sports, Sports, Sports!

There are so many options for sports in Florida. Whether you enjoy watching or playing, local or professional. Due to the great weather, there are opportunities to play local sports year-round with groups and clubs. But if you enjoy watching professional sports then you’ve everything from football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf and so on. And it doesn’t matter the time of the year! Even when it’s the offseason, sports are still taking place in Florida. For example, Florida is a top spot for baseball spring training. You’ll find spring training facilities all over the state, including the brand new gorgeous Atlanta Braves facility, so you can watch games throughout the year!

More Golf Courses Than Anywhere Else!

Are you a golfer? Then Florida is basically a paradise!!! It’s been said that there are more golf courses in Florida than anywhere else in the world. From local and inexpensive public golf courses, semi-private clubs, and then there are the stunning private golf and country clubs. For those who want to play golf year-round and be surrounded by some of the best courses — or even live on one of these amazing courses, Florida is where it’s at.

up close image of golf driver hitting a golf ball on a tee

World-Class Dining Options

Many cities around the US have some great dining options, and Florida is no different. But what’s great about Florida is that because it’s such a top tourist destination in the country (and internationally) the state can attract some incredibly talented chefs and has the market to build some top-notch restaurants. Especially in some of the nicer cities and popular destinations, you can definitely find some incredible eats all over Florida.

Amazing Seafood

Those who love seafood will have more variety than they can handle in Florida. With so much coastline, you can easily find just a local seafood restaurant or even a higher-end seafood establishment. The seafood is fresh, and in some places you can even go catch it and bring it in to be cooked for you!

Best Tiki Bar Sunset Drinks Anywhere

There are few places in the US where you can pop out for an evening night-cap while enjoying the sunset and having your toes in the sand. If you are lucky, you may even have some live music to enjoy in the background. We love a good tiki bar. And Florida has so many to choose from spanning towns large and small all along the coastline and on the islands. We may be biased, but I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon or an evening.

sand bar tiki drink orange and yellow outside in englewood florida

Vacation Anytime You Want!

When you live in one of the hottest vacation destinations in the world, it makes it easy for you to take a vacation almost anytime you want! You can take a legit vacation for a week and spend time up at Disney. Or you could just take a quick weekend trip down to the Keys and enjoy a tropical island resort for a couple days. Or you could even just take a day trip on a boat to go out snorkeling at an offshore reef or shipwreck. But if you are really short on time and just need a express-getaway, you could just take a night and go out on a sunset dolphin cruise.

Living in Florida is almost like being able to do all these short, mini-vacations anytime you want. And that keeps you feeling happy!

Why Not!

Maybe this is actually what we hear from people the most. At the end of the day, we only get one life (as far as we know…) so why not be happy and live your life to the fullest? If you agree with these reasons to move to Florida and are thinking, yes I really want to move to Florida…then why wait!

That’s what we hear from people a lot. Some of them did wait for retirement but often say they wish they would have done it sooner. Others are buying the retirement home now and plan to use it as a vacation house and then will transition to full-time Florida living after they retire. But we are seeing more and more younger people and families moving to Florida, especially since so many people have transitioned to working from home. They are choosing lifestyle and quality by saying “why not live in a place that makes us happy now!”  

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