Discover the Fun at PopStroke Sarasota by Tiger Woods: Putt-Putt, Dining & Entertainment

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Last Updated April 24, 2023

This isn’t your typical mini-golf course. No windmills here, castles or mysterious holes that deliver your ball to unknown territory. This is PopStroke Sarasota, Tiger Woods’ new putting course and entertainment venue. Both serious golfers and casual players will enjoy this challenging yet enjoyable experience. Throw in some food, drinks, live leaderboard, music and unlimited all-day play, and you’ve got a recipe for a fun day out in Sarasota, Florida.

What is PopStroke?

PopStroke is not typical “putt-putt” or mini-golf. This is a putting course. The facility is built on the concept of combining casual dining with golf to provide a fulfilling family- entertainment experience. In other words, this is golf that you can enjoy with the whole family. According to Greg Bartoli, the co-founder and CEO of PopStroke, the venue was designed with the aim of making golf accessible to all.

So, they did away with the pressures that come with playing a regular course and even the gimmicks of regular miniature golf and modern putting courses. Instead, what you get here is a putting experience that feels like the real deal, because it is. Also, because it is so much fun, it’s a wonderful way to introduce youngsters and kids to golf.

Is PopStroke Owned by Tiger Woods?

Built by Tiger Woods and his TGR Design Team, you can choose from 2 beautiful rolling courses – Tiger Red course, or Tiger Black.  With steep hills, hidden breaks, bunkers, and rough – but with synthetic turf. It’s just like real golf course, just miniature-sized.

PopStroke locations are popping up all across the country already! However, PopStroke Sarasota was the very first location to be built and to open to the public!

They have a variety of putters to choose from, but you are also allowed to bring your own! (for the more serious golfers, this is definitely a plus!).

liz and josh that florida life at popstroke in sarasota playing tiger woods putting course

PopStroke Sarasota Courses: Tiger Red & Tiger Black

Honestly, we found the PopStroke courses in Sarasota to be quite beautifully designed! The vibrant colors and steep rolling hills created a vivid contrast. Combine that with the tropical landscaping and it really is visually stunning. Both putting courses have their fair share of bunkers, fairways, roughs, and of course, synthetic turf to provide the feel of a regular golf course.

The Tiger Black: Of the two, the Tiger Black Course is easier to get through as it stretches across relatively flat ground. Moreover, the contours are softened, which makes putting easier while helping to keep the ball in. Also, the flat topography makes the Tiger Black a wheelchair-friendly course.

The Tiger Red: If you are looking for a challenge go for Tiger Red. As you may have guessed, the holes are placed uphill and downhill with roughs and bunkers in between. Plus, the slopes are steep and other contour elements and multiple tiers have been included with the specific aim to make it harder to get through this course. So, you are less likely to get a hole-in-one on the Tiger Red. However, the thrill of playing this course is what makes you savor the experience.

How Long Does it Take to Play the PopStroke Putting Courses in Sarasota?

Now, depending on your putting skill, it can take an hour or a bit longer to get through the 18 holes of the Tiger Black. Traversing the Tiger Red can take about an hour and a half even if you have good putting skills and about two hours if your putting needs some work.

The best part is that you can stop at any time for a quick bite or drink or just to cool off with a trip to the rooftop bar. Cold towels and misting stations do help with the heat even when it’s hot outside.

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PopStroke is More Than Golf. It’s an Entertainment Venue.

While golf is the central theme at PopStroke, this venue is designed in every way to be a family entertainment facility. So, there is so much more to enjoy than just putt-putt.

Is Popstroke good for kids?

In addition to the two courses, they also have entertainment options for their younger patrons who have yet to find their love for golf. There’s also an outdoor games area that offers Ping-Pong, Corn hole, and foosball. Plus, they have swings and slides in the playground which are just right for 4-5-year-olds. So while the actually putting course itself might not appeal to all kids, there are things for kids to do so that the whole family can enjoy their time together.

Something cool on a hot summer day: After all that playing and putting, you are bound to get thirsty. Because they have a bar smack in the middle of each course, you are never too far from a refreshing drink

When hunger strikes: The restaurant serves sumptuous crowd-pleasers like egg rolls, pizzas, sandwiches, salads, seafood delicacies, boneless and traditional wings, and others. What’s more, they also have an impressive vegetarian selection.

For all sports fans: Of course, you can’t have a sports-themed or sporting venue of any kind without the quintessential big-screen TVs. PopStroke has quite a few of those in the bar as well as the restaurant, so no matter where you are, you can watch your favorite teams/players in action.

For when you need more than just putting action: At the two courses, you will only need your putter and if you don’t own one, don’t worry, they have quite a few of them to go around.

No fun without ice cream: And the cherry on top is of course the ice cream parlor. With signature milkshakes and 24 flavors of ice cream, it’s a given that you will come back for a second and even a third helping.

And one for the road: After spending the whole day at the course or even when you need the timeout to last a bit longer, head to the rooftop bar. The open-air establishment serves wine, beer, and cocktails and of course a gorgeous view of the Sarasota sunset. Pretty much, the perfect end to a day spent having oodles of fun with family and friends.

Special Events at PopStroke

PopStroke in Sarasota also offers to host birthday parties, private events, and more. So, this is definitely the place to go to when you want to create memories and have some fun with friends, family and even co-workers.

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Weekly Contests, Holiday Events & Tournaments at PopStroke

PopStroke also has weekly contests, special holiday-themed events, and their 3-day annual putting tournament, which is open to teams and individuals. The winning team could take home a whopping $100,000 while the winning player pockets a cool $25,000. How’s that for serious competition?

Now, the best way to get yourself ready for the big annual event is to start by participating in the weekend and holiday contests. For instance, they just had the Easter Special Golden Egg contests, which saw a huge turnout. You’ll get information on all weekend and holiday events on their website or through their app.

Using The PopStroke App

Speaking of the app, PopStroke has an app that you can download and stay up to date on events, specials, discounts and more. PLUS you can use the app to log your score when you play. The app is connected to the large Leaderboard screen at the venue, right next to the screens that show live PGA events and other specials. This Leaderboard shows in real-time the scores of those currently playing, and the top scores of the day!

So you might even find yourself up on the big screen, like we did!

Drink Delivery to Tiger Black #7

And, if that’s not enough, you can also use the app to call for food and drinks wherever you are on the course. So, if you are an serious player who does not want to move away from the course to quench your thirst, well there is a convenient solution for you right there.

Also, ordering with the app lets you earn Popbucks, which is basically 5% of everything you spend on food and drinks. And these Popbucks can be used for food, beverages, golf, or merchandise.

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PopStroke Pricing, Hours & Other Details

How much does it cost to play PopStroke Sarasota?

PopStroke tickets are good for ALL-DAY PLAY! So, basically, you just pay for the food and drinks and your day pass covers the rest. Prices range from $15-$28 and there are a variety of discounts for seniors, college students and other special days.

Are reservations required at PopStroke Sarasota?

Currently, the PopStroke location in Sarasota, Florida does NOT take reservations. It’s first-come-first-served.

The hours of operation are daily from 9 am until midnight. And keep in mind that after dark, the music pumps up a little louder and things get a bit more exciting.

You can play as many rounds as you want. Take a break, have something to eat, then play again. Maybe grab some ice cream and play some cornhole…then play again! And since the venue is co-owned by the legendary Tiger Woods, of course, you get to watch all PGA events on the big screen.

Plus as a memento of your experience, you get to keep your PopStroke golf ball as a souvenir.


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